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Card Present Virtual Terminal via PayMeNow Software

Now you can process retail POS transactions and take advantage of reduced card present merchant account transaction fees using our Virtual POS (VPOS) and an inexpensive credit card swipe reader attached to your PC. No software installation is required, and no dedicated credit card terminal needs to be installed.

PayMeNow VPOS allows you to process real time credit card transactions using your existing computer with an Internet connection.


  • Reduced Processing Fees - Card Present transaction rates are generally lower than e-commerce rates.
  • No Software Fees - Everything you need is included in your PayMeNow gateway service. No additional software needs to be purchased or installed. Also, there are no software licensing or upgrade fees for multiple installations --- use it on as many computers at your location as you need.
  • Consolidated Reporting - All of your transactions (retail, mail-order, telephone-order, ecommerce, batch, etc.) are available for viewing online 24x7 using the Online Merchant Center system.
  • Debit card ready - Add on PIN based debit card transaction processing to give your customers additional payment options and further reduce your processing fees.
  • Secure - All transactions are secured using SSL encryption.

What do I need to start processing card present transactions?

  • A computer with an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape)
  • An Internet connection, preferable full-time (for example, Cable or DSL)
  • A merchant account that is configured for card present (retail) transactions
  • A credit card swipe reader

To start getting card present transaction rates, you will need to swipe the customers credit card at the time of sale. Swipe card readers are simple devices that attach to your computer via USB, serial port, or keyboard wedge (attaches between your keyboard and your computer).

MagTek keyboard wedge swipe reader

Mini, magstripe swipe card reader come in three different interfaces. Please select your interface of choice.

  • Powered by USB (No external power supply required)
  • Dual and Three track capability
  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Up to 1,000,000 passes
  • Includes USB interface Dual color LED

How do I get started accepting card present transactions?

Contact your Merchant Account provider and request that your account be configured to accept card present transactions. Then contact PayMeNow customer service and we will activate the card present option in Virtual Terminal (VPOS) for your gateway account. After activating your account and connecting your swipe reader, you can start processing card present transactions using the Process Credit Card option in the Online Merchant Center Virtual Terminal.

The Pay-Me-Now Software Includes Free Tools to Process Credit Cards Through Your Website

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